Minecraft Legos the Cave Set

Lego is the most sold plastic constructions toy there is in the world. It was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark in 1949. Along with the plastic bricks, the sets comes with some gears and mini figures so build different scenarios. Lego allows you to construct anything you like as all the pieces can be assembled in any way, so you can construct people, robots, animals, objects, houses, jungles, rockets and whatever you have in mind.

But since its beginning in 1949, Lego has incredibly improve the brand developing a lego subculture. Today you can find Lego Amusement Parks, Lego Video Games, Lego Movies, Lego Series, Lego Competitions and Lego building block of different movie themes, as Avengers, Star Wars, Batman, The Simpsons, Disney Princesses , Minecraft, Among others.

Minecraft legos the cave is the most sold piece of the Minecraft collection which include the Farm, The First Night, The Nether Railway, The Jungle Temple, The Witch Hut, The Ice Spike among other. The Cave includes lava, a ladder, a spider, TNT, a Zombie minifig and Steve minifig. You can attach the different scenarios in a Lego mat and have plenty of different adventures with the different characters every day and there are always new scenarios being released periodically.