Golden Retriever Weight

The estimated golden retriever weightshould be about 60 pounds. There is a lot of information out there but, more than 60-70 pounds it is too much. If your retriever weighs more than this number, then you should really consider helping it to lose a little bit of weight. That’s the story of Jim Care. He adopted an obese retriever four years ago. However, the dog weighed something about 180 pounds. He was twice the size he should be.

Carey knew immediately that this dog’s life was in real danger. The retriever – called Nemo – had a poor diet and almost never exercised due to the fact that no one took care of him. Thus, Carey volunteered to take him for a daily walk so he could help the dog recover itself from its obesity. Those walks lead him to create an amazing bond with Nemo which lead to adoption.

Over the next three years, Nemo experienced an amazing transformation. He lost almost 100 pounds. Now he is a healthy dog who loves running and going into the river, says Carey.